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This is how the holiday begins - the fragrance of coriander and lemongrass mixed with chilli, Tom Yum Kung soup served on the table with an artificial tablecloth, as you enthusiastically watch the dance of the cooks behind the wok. For European tourists, they are mostly cook stir- fried rice noodles Phad Thai, or the famoust Gra Pao – minced meat stir -fried with chilli. But for local guests they fry crispy belly and mix it with a really spicy papaya Som Tam salad. Then after a long while, when you stop feasting your eyes on the chefs´ arts, you have a problem. You can't decide between green or red curry...

When you finally decide, what to eat, then you start to fight with the chopsticks, thinking that this is the tradition here. Belive it or not, the Thai people love to eat their food with fork and spoon. Your curry finally arrives and you are amazed by how good something simple like white rice tastes. How and why could you never discover this taste till now? It is Jasmine rice- popular in the land where the sun rises.

Yes, you are in Thailand right now, enjoying the colors and flavors presented to you in their best form and freshness... or you are in a Thai restaurant in Prague!

Allow us to introduce you to our Thai restaurant Modrý zub, which has been bringing Thailand to Prague for more than twenty years. Colorful and tasty, cooked by authentic Thai chefs. At Modrý zub Spálená, Jindřišská and Anděl. In all three branches, you will find sweet, salty, hot and sour flavors. The best quality, like in sunny Thailand. Would you like to have traditional spring rolls, Thai salads and many varieties of noodles? In the winter time can't you also discover the taste of Phở soup or hot Jungle curry? Don't wait to visit us, or to take your boxed food to your home. Relax and enjoy!

The very best is to take it to the park and sit on the bench or grass during the summer, Take off from the office... close your eyes, smell it, take a bite and imagine, you're in Thailand. We can help you to get there.

You will be extremely happy.

Sincerely your Modrý zub team

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